20 players will be the maximum on any team plus a goalie for 21. You may have less  than 20 players if you want, but you must have a goalie. Only Fifteen players count plus a goalie, for a total of sixteen. There must be at least 3 defencmen on each team of 15 at the end of the season. This will not be the case in the playoffs, where any top 10 skaters, plus a goalie will count.

You must use one of your picks when you select a goalie. In the playoffs, if you want a goalie you must select him with one of your picks in the playoff draft. Goalies will cost $200,000 in both regular season and playoffs.

If a goalie scores a goal, regular season or playoffs, the GM gets $1 million & 10 pts.

Rookies are available for the price of $500,000 each.

Wins will count for goalies, in both regular season and playoffs. GM's will get 1 point for each win by his goalie. Each time your goalie gets a shutout you receive 5 points and each assist is worth 2 points.

The playoff draft will consist of 2 draft picks. Playoff picks will only cost half as much as regular season players. In other words half the points the player had in regular season.

All GM's receive money at the end of the regular season. The #1 position gets most, last gets least and so on. Prize $ in millions is as follows:

1st - 5.0 2nd - 4.0 3rd - 3.0  4th - 2.5 5th - 2.0


For the playoffs, GM's keep the same players they have played with all year. But at playoff time everyone is allowed to draft two new players to use in the playoffs, just as long as they don't go over 20 players.

Only players on teams that make the playoffs are eligible for the playoff draft. The GM that finishes first in the regular season gets first pick in the playoff draft. If you draft a player, you would have to buy him based on the stats he produced in the current season (points in $ - half cost) but you may not protect him for next season.

You may use the money you earned at the end of the season to buy the players. Any draft picks may be traded if desired.


All GM's receive money at the end of the playoffs. The #1 position receives most, last gets least. Prize $ in millions is as follows:

1st - 5.0 2nd - 4.0 3rd - 3.0  4th - 2.5 5th - 2.0


Before the next season begins you may protect 7 players. Any unprotected players can be drafted by any GM at the "beginning of the season draft" with no compensation awarded to the GM losing a player. Any protected players cannot be drafted. There is no limit on the number of players a GM can lose from his unprotected group of players in the pre-season draft. Once a player is drafted he is automatically protected for that current season and cannot be drafted by another GM in the current draft.

The GM that finished last in regular season would have first pick in the draft next season. Fourth would pick second, third would pick third and so on. After the 1st place GM picks (last), the next selection then goes to the GM that finished last in the regular season. So, of the first six picks, the GM that finished last during the regular season gets two of those first six picks.

If you wish to draft one of your own unprotected players in the draft you must pay full price for that player.

Any unprotected players that are not drafted by someone else are still a part of your team. If you do not want to keep them you may simply release them with no penalty.

A player's rating will be based upon the number of points he accumulated the previous year, regardless of how many games he played in that year. We can, however, make exceptions to that rule for franchise players if we decide to. This will be decided by vote.
The trading deadline each year, will be the day following the NHL's trading deadline.



Each new GM will be given fifteen (15) million dollars and there will be an expansion draftin which new GM's will be able to pick up to seven (7) players (which the new GM can  protect in the upcoming yearly draft) from the current league players. NHL players not in our pool are not allowed to be picked at the expansion draft. Current GM's must protect ten (10) players and each GM can only lose a maximum of two (2) players. All players in the expansion draft cost the same amount of money as in the regular draft. (i.e. 100 points = 1 million dollars)

The regular draft will then take place and the order will be as follows:

Prize money for all players finishing below fifth place would be 1 million dollars.

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