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Newfoundland is an island on the east coast of Canada. Together with Labrador it forms the Canadian province of Newfoundand and Labrador. The population is approximately 500,000 people, but that figure is getting lower every year. In 1997 10,000 people chose to leave Newfoundland, presumably to look for work. 

But I think it is a wonderful place to live in some respects and not so great in other. The good far outweighs the bad in my opinion, which is probably why I am still living here. If you can find work here and we get nice weather, which we have had during the last 4 years, Newfoundland has alot to offer. Especially when you consider it has a very low crime rate and extreme weather conditions are almost unheard of. Tornados, hurricanes, floods, really cold temperatures, really hot temperatures, and even severe lightning storms are some things most Newfoundlanders simply know nothing about. 

Work is the biggest problem with this province. There simply isn't enough of it here. Especially in the construction industry, which is where I was employed. Even in the I.T. industry, where I am now employed, Newfoundland is not up to par when compared to the opportunities available in the rest of Canada and the United States. Not only that, salaries are also lower here than the rest of Canada. Housing prices are probably one of the lowest in Canada though, which helps take the sting out of the low salaries.


Here are some facts about Newfoundland: 
(1) Capital City (St. John's) is the oldest city in North America. 
(2) Average winter temperature range: +5 to -15 deg Celcius. 
(3) Average summer temperature range: +15 to +25 deg Celcius. 
(4) Currency: Canadian dollar 
(5) Time zone: 1.5 hours later than Eastern Standard Time. 
(6) Only professional sports franchise: St. John's Maple Leafs. 
(7) Most easterly point of North America (Cape Spear). 

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Cape Spear

Last Updated on Oct 22, 1998