The Montreal Canadiens

My Hab's Hi-Lites
Every Stanley Cup Since '71 (when I started following the Habs): 1971, '73, '76, '77, '78, '79, '86 and '93.
Central Red Army vs Habs (1975 New Years Eve)
Guy Lafleur's scoring titles 75/76 (125 pts); 76/77 (136pts); 77/78(132 pts)
1979 - When Don Cherry put too many men on the ice in the Stanley Cup semi-finals and Lafleur scored to tie the game. Habs then won in OT.
Beating Philadelphia in the '89 Stanley Cup semi-finals. I didn't like Philly very much at that time.
Brian Skrudland's NHL record - fastest goal in OT (9 secs) - 1989 Finals.
Drafting Brad Brown (1994), Terry Ryan (1995), and Michael Ryder (1998) - all were born in Newfoundland, my home province.
Trading for Recchi (a hard working natural goal scorer) and Turgeon (a French Canadien point machine that had at one time scored 129 pts.)
My Hab's Low-Lites
Ken Dryden sitting out the 1973/74 season due to a contract squabble.
1979 - J. Lemaire & K. Dyrden retired and Scotty Bowman left the team.
1984 - Guy Lafleur retiring and the way the Habs handled the whole thing.
Losing to Calgary in '89 - That was the best team they have had since '79.
1994/95 - Habs don't make the playoffs for the first time since 1969/70.
Moving from the Forum to the Molson Center in 1996 - They shouldn't have done it.
Trading away Patrick Roy in 1995 and Pierre Turgeon in 1996. Just think, if they kept them, their lineup would consist of Roy, Turgeon, Recchi, Damphousse and Koivu. They would have had a chance at the Cup every year with that lineup.

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Last Updated on Oct 15, 2000